Copying Files between Environments in Reclaim Cloud

Slide Image with Reclaim Cloud logo stating "Copying Files between Environments using the Export Tool"

I'll be submitting this guide to Reclaim Hosting's support documentation to illustrate how to move files between environments using the Reclaim Cloud GUI. I discovered this trick while migrating a Ghost instance in Reclaim Cloud from one environment to another as discussed in this post.

I am borrowing liberally from elastx's documentation of this process given they do an excellent job of breaking it down. Moving files between environments uses the somewhat confusing terminology Export, and you can find this option if you click on the configuration wrench of the node within the environment you want to move. Below is a video tutorial documenting the process followed by step-by-step directions.

Export directory

  1. Find the configuration wrench on the Application Servers source node.
Images of Config of Node from which files will be exported
Config of Node from which files will be exported

2.  Go to the folder you want to Export files from. In this case /var/lib/ghost/content/. Click the cogwheel of the content folder as shown on the image below and choose Export

Image of Export option in Reclaim Cloud
Export Directory Contents

3.  Make sure to choose the correct target container where your target Application Server is at.

Select proper target environment in Reclaim Cloud to export content

4.  Here we use the path /var/lib/ghost/content-source which will create and mount this folder on the source environments Application Server.

Add target environment and path for exporting files and/or directories

Copy files

5.  Click the configuration wrench on the target environment’s Application Server.

Click on Config wrench in target environment

6.  To the left, click the cogwheel and click Copy Path, which will copy the full path location to your clipboard.

Use copy path feature to get the path to the file/directory

7.  Click on the terminal icon to engage the Web SSH terminal

Click on Web SSH icon

8.  In the terminal you should write cd then paste previously copied path /var/lib/ghost/content-source and then enter. After that you should see the folder content-source executing ls -l as shown on the image below.

cd into target directory to make sure files are there

9.  Now you should be able to copy files anywhere within the new environment node. Using the --verbose flags gives you this output.

Use the cp --verbose to copy files between source and destination folders

10.  You can confirm that the files been copied by browsing to that folder in the GUI.

Zip files copied cleanly between folders

Clean up

11. Unmount the exported directory on the target application server as shown below.

Unmount networked directory from target environment